Our core is engineering and we create award-winning products, designs, patented innovations that are applied to various industries such as building and construction, safety, automotive, equine, IT and other

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Who we are

With offices located in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Australia, Visada is a global multi-disciplinary business known and respected for its cutting-edge research and development capabilities across a broad range of industries.

Visada’s teams of experts operate in active working groups, gathering and exchanging new research, new technology and new experiences from diverse industries — essentially operating as independent “think-tanks” for our clients.

At Visada, we develop new and improved products or services, offering our clients new product ideas and cutting-edge technology or nurturing and developing their own concepts to full potential via extensive research and proof-of-concept studies. Our experienced teams offer fresh new ways of looking at and solving old problems and can assist in the development of new products and services.

Our own product range currently focuses on equine and pet care. Through extensive research, our teams identified gaps in this burgeoning global market for products that would assist horse and dog owners in the care of their animals, particularly in the area of safety. This process has resulted in the launch of the breakthrough iSpy wireless horse camera and monitor and ReLeash, a world-first hands-free leash for dog owners who enjoy active, outdoor activities with their pet.

What we do

Many industries rely on Visada to research and develop new and improved products and services.

Our core business is engineering-based and we create award-winning products, designs, and patented innovations in various industries such as equine care, pet care, building, and construction, safety, automotive, and IT. Our organizational divisions include:-

  • manufacturing and distribution of products we design, allowing us to provide our clients with exemplary service and ensure the quality they require in the final product is met or even exceeded
  • licensing our innovations to selected distributors and partnering with them to achieve the best outcome
  • partner with organizations / product lines that further develop and grow our global network for the benefit of our clients

We are constantly evolving and adapting to fast-changing global and environmental factors, ensuring we remain at the forefront of quality, innovation, and creativity.
At Visada, our expert teams can also assist your business in implementing operational change by conducting in-depth analysis and providing detailed reporting on where the business might implement change in order to achieve heightened levels of success. This consultancy service is available to various industries, including manufacturing, distribution, and hospitality.

Currently, Visada is comprised of commercial units operating both independently and collaboratively, depending on the individual needs of our clients. Our experts in industrial engineering, product design and development are renowned for facilitating top-notch solutions for our clients, while our specialized commercial units work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure they maximize opportunities available in their local markets.

Why Visada

Working with Visada gives you the edge you need to become a leader in your industry. This can take the form of collaborating on the development of new, innovative, patented products; utilizing Visada’s creativity to expand your vision; or working with our teams to identify niche opportunities in your industry that would assist you to grow your business.