is a challenging experience for both horse owner and the animal.


Visada has developed conceptually innovative equine products to make take the horse transportation safer possible and give peace of mind to the driver throughout the way. These award-winning horse products have multiple application in various situation.


iSPY is a completely wireless system which makes the horse observation possible during the journey. The innovative features and ease of installation make this product irreplaceable of every horse owner. iSPY horse cam is an innovative, safe and easy solution for safe and accident-free horse transportation.

  • Fully wireless system
  • Night vision option included
  • Easy camera and monitor attachment
  • Home/car charging options
  • 30m range
  • LCD resolution: 480×240
  • No tools required for installation
  • Multiple applications (trailer attachment/barn monitoring)


Safety Tie is a revolutionary tool to tie the horse. Designed by a team of veterinary nurses, equine muscular therapists and product safety engineers Safety Tie is the safest tool to tie up the horse. It has 5 levels of resistance and aims to minimize the risks of injury during horse transportation. This award-winning product is easy to use and is very applicable in different situations.